Divadelná Nitra is English speakers friendly


Divadelná Nitra is English speakers friendly

27. 09. 2018 13:45

On Friday, the 28th of September, Divadelná Nitra or the Nitra International Theatre Festival starts in this western Slovak town. For 27 years, it serves as the platform for presenting the latest trends in international production to the local audience and local as well as international professionals. This year, it will present 8 international and 5 Slovak productions in the main programme - all of them either subtitled or translated simultaneously to English. It will offer the rare opportunity to see the production of Lebanese artists, a Finnish director or the winner of the prestigious Polish award among others. The main idea behind the festival dramaturgy is RE. Ján Šimko, a member of its artistic board, explains RE and much more.

Divadelná Nitra theatre festival is English speaking friendly
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Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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