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RSI | Utorok 23.06.2020, Publicistika

Whether it's for marketing, to influence the outcome of an election, or to decide which of us might be a threat to society. there are people whose job it is to collect as much information - about us - as they can get their hands on, and to use this valuable information to build personal, computer-generated profiles on each one of us. While Europe's new GDPR laws are meant to protect our online privacy, IT security specialist Pavol Luptak - who offers tips on how to better protect it - believes that the EU also wants to ensure that your online data will never be completely private. Will the robots of the future be so human-like that it will be hard to tell them apart from real human beings? Stefan Benus, a researcher in Linguistics at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, believes that at least in the field of spoken human-to-machine communication, this future is not so far from becoming a reality.

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