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The development of so-called 'nanocomposites' - materials made by combining nanoparticles with other materials - has become a hot topic these days, offering the possibility of new applications which until recent years were not thought possible. One of these is a possible future treatment for cancer patients, by injecting so-called 'nano-platforms' into the blood which have the ability to find and identify cancer cells anywhere in the body. Jonathan speaks with nanotechnology expert Mária Omastová of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, a finalist in the 2020 ESET Science Award, about these interesting developments. Are new Artificial Intelligence technologies going to cause a social upheaval by putting large numbers of employees out of work? This is already happening in some fields, and developments in AI are threatening to make the problem much more widespread. Jonathan speaks with Martin Spano, an AI enthusiast, about the social impact of his favourite technology.