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As many Western countries have now imposed special restrictions that apply only to the unvaccinated, questions about the effectiveness and legality of this strategy, as well as its impact on the social fabric, are dividing society. But what impact is all this having on that society within a society, the Christian church? To find out how such restrictions are affecting the life of Christians here in Slovakia, Jonathan spoke with Father Benjamin Kosnač, who oversees the only English-speaking Catholic congregation in Bratislava. – Repeat: Although artificial intelligence is being used in many positive ways to help people, there are also worries about how it’s being used to manipulate us, chiefly through our engagement on the internet and in particular on social media. AI algorithms are now being used in sophisticated ways to influence our buying habits and political views, often with some form of targeted misinformation. But is everything labelled as ‘misinformation’ really false information, or is it sometimes simply a different opinion that could turn out to be true? Can AI actually identify misinformation, or are real people needed for that? Jonathan speaks with AI expert Mária Bieliková about these and other questions.