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RSI | Štvrtok 29.08.2019, Publicistika

1. Naďa Conway is a Slovak expat who left her home in 1968, became mayor of the London borough of Enfield in 1993 and after 2000, bought a rennaisance house in the eastern Slovak town of Levoča, a UNESCO site. With her husband David, they started inviting some of the world’s top interpreters to play for local audiences. They also invited Zuzana Botikova to the festival "Indian summer in Levoča". 2. Aleš Jenis is a baritone like his world famous baritone elder brother Dalibor. As with his brother, Aleš has also been successful abroad, currently singing in what has been awarded best New Production at the 2019 International Opera Awards. Petrana Zemanová speaks with the younger brother also about his future plans.

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