MS v hokeji 2023
MS v hokeji 2023

Slovakia Today, English Language Current Affairs Programme from Slovak Radio

Slovakia Today is an English language current affairs magazine bringing you the best from Slovakia. Our daily broadcast covers the latest from politics, society, arts and culture, business, science, healthcare and sports. Coming to you from Bratislava, from the studios of Radio Slovakia International – the foreign language channel of the public broadcaster RTVS. Making Slovakia heard to the world!
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The question of how the coronavirus crisis will change the world we live in has been getting more attention lately, as the crisis itself begins to slow down in most European countries and elsewhere. Most of the attention is on the economic impact, but many see other significant changes coming as well. I speak with Martin Spano, who considers himself a "futurologist" among other things, about the changes - both positive and negative - that he expects to see. What would make a young man with an all-consuming passion for theoretical physics take on a second all-consuming passion - the monumental task of adopting and raising several Roma children from eastern Slovakia? We talk to Daniel Nagaj of the Slovak Academy of Sciences to find out.
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Archív - zvoľte dátum

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