Pečie celé Slovensko 2. séria
Pečie celé Slovensko 2. séria

Slovakia Today, English Language Current Affairs Programme from Slovak Radio

Slovakia Today is an English language current affairs magazine bringing you the best from Slovakia. Our daily broadcast covers the latest from politics, society, arts and culture, business, science, healthcare and sports. Coming to you from Bratislava, from the studios of Radio Slovakia International – the foreign language channel of the public broadcaster RTVS. Making Slovakia heard to the world!
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In our rerun program we pay tribute to Martina Kusnirova, the innocent victim of the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak. Due to COVID-19 restrictive measures, the Slovak National Theatre has cancelled all its productions until the end of this anniversary season including the ballet show using the world famous baroque covers of songs by The Beatles re-composed by US based Slovak composer Peter Breiner.
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Archív - zvoľte dátum


Archív - zvoľte dátum

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